During an entire lifetime, it is fairly normal to experience something that has a negative or traumatic effect. After this happens, it can feel impossible to let the event go. A trauma therapist has specialized training to help people break free of a history of trauma. Through therapy, individuals can learn how to break through neuro-associations that prevent them from living life to the fullest.

What Is a Trauma Therapist?

woman speaking to a trauma therapist in los angelesA trauma therapist in Los Angeles uses powerful tools like EMDR, brainspotting, and somatic therapies to help clients recover from traumatic events or experiences. While traditional talk therapy is an effective tool, other treatment options are just as effective. During treatment, the trauma therapist will help the client determine which kind of therapy will be the best option for their unique situation.

Individual trauma therapy may involve a range of different strategies and activities. Often a trauma therapist will use techniques that help the client look at emotions, behaviors, and memories that stem from the traumatic experience. Clients may also learn relaxation skills to help cope with negative emotions surrounding the trauma.

Generally, the goal of trauma therapy is to help someone face the reality of the past without feeling stuck within it. The trauma therapist in Los Angeles may help the client by reducing trauma symptoms through treatment. Over time, the client’s work should help them focus on the present instead of the past. They can reclaim their personal power, experience fewer symptoms and function better on a day-to-day basis.

How Trauma Therapy Works

Without proper care, trauma can cause a lifetime of psychological and emotional consequences. However, through therapy, individuals can overcome the pain, distress, and lasting emotions that they feel about the trauma. Trauma therapy may actually involve multiple therapy techniques and activities. Furthermore, no matter which activity the trauma therapist chooses, the primary goal is to help clients cope with and overcome their traumatic experiences.

Any event can potentially be traumatic. To be a kind of trauma, the event must be something that the individual thinks is a threat. It could also be a threat to a person’s bodily integrity, life, or sanity. Whatever the case, the traumatic event completely overwhelms the individual’s coping abilities.

Technically, trauma therapy does not involve just one kind of therapy or treatment program. The trauma therapist in Los Angeles can use each kind of therapy alone or combine it with other therapy types. The main goal of the trauma therapist is to help the individual move on in life. Before starting any treatment program, patients can always talk to the therapist about the kinds of treatment options and programs that are available at the center.

Choosing the Path of Clarity and Healing

Experiencing trauma is one of the most difficult challenges that anyone can go through. From childhood neglect to a violent assault, traumatic experiences can cause mental and emotional changes that last for years. Through the right blend of therapy options, clients can take the first step in gaining clarity in their lives as they begin the healing process. Depending on the trauma therapist in Los Angeles, clients can find program options such as:

While trauma has the capacity to change your life, it does not have to control it. You have the power to overcome your history of trauma through the right blend of treatments and therapies. At the Trauma Counseling Center of Los Angeles, you can take the first step toward a happier, better life. Finally, to get started, call us today at 8559977101.