seniors in meditation class think about the effects of meditation on the brain

Effects of Meditation on the Brain

Numerous research has revealed the connection between meditation and the brain. New studies suggest that there are multiple benefits to meditation, specifically as it applies to addiction recovery. From changes in grey matter to improving nerve connections throughout the brain, there are several positive effects of meditation on the brain during a mindfulness based stress…

a sad man stares out the window contemplating his secondary trauma

Secondary Trauma

Both trauma and stress can seriously impact people. Trauma and stressor related disorders are a single category, as the role they play with the development of select disorders is so similar. While trauma obviously impacts the person directly influenced, it also impacts others around them.  What is Secondary Trauma? Secondary traumatic stress is a result…

trauma and the brain

Trauma and the Brain

A large part of the population experiences a traumatic incident at some point in their lives. Reactions to an adverse ordeal vary from person to person. However, there are some predictable ways that trauma and the brain define how a person responds. Increasing awareness of this interaction makes it more acceptable to seek treatment. Furthermore,…