The goal of our trauma therapy staff is to help you find relief from past traumas or incidents that are affecting your life now. We are leaders in the field and trained in helping people recover from traumas, whether big or small. We have training in Somatic therapies, EMDR, Brainspotting, CBT, Psychodynamic and much more.  Please give us a call so we may match you up with a clinician who suits you.

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To reduce or clear trauma, a variety of modalities are necessary. Trauma lives in the body, as well as the mind. Classic talk therapy by itself does not remove the somatic aspects of the trauma such as an exaggerated startle response. In other words, an individual cannot simply conquer the symptoms of trauma and traumatic memories with only the mind.

Dr. Sweet, Licensed Clinical Psychologist (PSY23759) started this center to help people find the best counseling possible to reduce the effects of trauma on their lives. She has carefully chosen the associates that work at TCCLA to create the best possible experience for you as you work through what you are dealing with whether it is in the past or present.

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Sarah Schupack, LMFT has been helping clients overcome trauma for over 8 years.

She is a compassionate, caring, and empathetic therapist with a strong desire to help clients move beyond past situations that are keeping them stuck. Because she has training in Internal family systems, she also knows that different parts of the self can get in the way of healing. She listens to and validates these parts so people can function with less anxiety and depression caused by the effects of trauma.

Clients also say they like her compassionate attitude and balanced approach. If you are looking to move out of old patterns and be more free in life, her approach may what could help get you there.

Call Sarah Schupack, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT #84326) at 855-997-7101.

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Jennifer Dodd, LCSW

For over a decade Jennifer Dodd, LCSW, has been helping people recover from a variety of trauma and life issues.

Jennifer incorporates Somatic therapy, EMDR, Internal Family Systems (IFS), and mindfulness techniques to treat trauma. She also works with clients with diverse issues including survivors of childhood trauma or sexual assault and those coping with co-occurring illnesses or eating-disorders. Her approach to therapy comes from the principles of cultural sensitivity and being LGBTQA affirmative.

What clients say they like about working with Jennifer is her effectiveness in helping them feel better, heal their wounds, and also transform their experiences to live more fully.

Call Jennifer Dodd, Licensed Social Worker (LCSW# 85140) at 855-997-7101.

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Victoria Anderson, MFTi has over 20 years working with addiction and with other life issues.

Early trauma often will have a significant impact on a person’s current relationships. Victoria’s number one goal is to help her clients work through their trauma so they can have the relationships they desire. She guides clients to discover what is or is not working in their relationships and to have compassion for themselves as they grow and change in this process.

Additionally, she specializes in anxiety, depression and addictions as they relate to early trauma so her clients can lead vital, happy and productive lives. She knows people want to feel empowered, at ease and strong, and is dedicated to helping you get there.

Working with Victoria will help you explore a path beyond trauma. Call Victoria Anderson, MFTi Registered Marriage and Family Therapist Associate (#88494) in supervision with Deborah Sweet, Psy.D. at 855-997-7101.

Trauma Therapy Staff at Trauma Counseling Center of LA

At the Trauma Counseling Center of LA, our trauma therapy staff dedicates themselves to helping others overcome traumatic experiences and anxiety. Additionally, some of our innovative trauma therapy treatment techniques include:

If you’re ready to work with the best trauma therapists Los Angeles has to offer, then give us a call today at 855-997-7101. Our trauma therapy staff is ready to work with you to answer any questions you have and start you on a path to a brighter future.